Winter is Coming to an End

There is still quite a lot of snow here in the Austrian mountains, but it’s slowly melting away…

World Heritage Region

Walking around the “Altausseer See” I took these pictures of the frozen lake and the surrounding forest. It was a sunny, even warm winter day and one could hear the sound of the melting ice of the lake.

I think you can easily see why this beautiful region is under protection…


Winter in March

It has been snowing again, at least a bit, so I packed my things and did another skiing tour.

On my way up I literally stopped every second to take some pictures of the beautiful scenery…

Sunshine and Snow

I took up ski mountaineering some years ago. What I love about this sport is that you can beat the crowds of the big ski resorts and walk up your own way through the wintery forest covered with deep powder snow.

On my way up I often stop to take some pictures. Here are the ones I took yesterday:



Frozen World

It has been snowing recently, not much though, but a bit at least.

Walking along a small creek I took these pictures of some minor details of the wintery landscape…