Nepali Sketches

Whenever I travel somewhere, I take a small sketchbook with me. These sketches where done while travelling through Nepal, some of them on typical Nepali handmade paper.

Sometimes all it needs is a quick sketch of a remarkable scene, which you can later turn into a larger painting.


Highlights of Turkey

We have just returned from a round trip through Turkey.

It’s incredible what this country has to offer – beautiful idyllic landscapes, the clear blue Mediterranean sea, interesting lively cities, remains of ancient settlements as well as the friendly locals and their relaxed lifestyle.

Everyone interested in history, geography or art should go there at least once…

Here are just some impressions:




Another inspiring place…

If you happen to be in Istanbul you have to see this place. It’s called Yerebatan Cistern or Sunken Cistern in Turkish and it used to be a basilica in Roman times. You can wander around the beautifully illuminated columns with fish swimming between them in the cistern, creating a really mystical atmosphere…

Things I Liked About 2013

Thinking back there were some things I really liked about the year 2013. In summer I travelled through Europe and saw many beautiful places I haven’t been before. I was really inspired when I came back and started to do some printmaking and painting again, something I really enjoyed at school. In October a good friend of mine and I visited the Biennale in Venice, which was really great that year.

So what are my plans for the New Year? Doing more of what I like, which is printing, painting, drawing and taking pictures of all the beautiful things around me…

Travel Sketches

We’ve just come back from our Interrail journey through Europe which took us to six different countries altogether-Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Poland. Here are some sketches I did on the way:
Travelsketch3Travelsketch 2Travelsketch1KrakauRiomaggiore