Pastel Pictures

I rediscovered pastel drawing pencils and did these small pictures with them.

They should also serve as inspiration sketches for a series of woodcuts I want to do.

Let’s see how that’s going to work out…


Small Sketches

I love drawing, painting and collages so I did these small sketches recently using some pages of old books and other collage material.

Even if you can’t always see the original material any longer, I feel that the sketches have a different quality than paintings on simple white paper.

Things I Like Today…

… are these small sketches of everyday objects.

Still working on still lifes…

Here are some of my latest sketchbook entries. These are just some ideas for oil paintings I’m going to do later.

Sketches of Nature

I did these small sketches of different plants and flowers and their pods and seeds. I think nature is such a wonderful source of inspiration for art.

Quick Nature Sketches

These sketches were inspired by a natural landscape but they are close to abstraction, which I like somehow.naturesketches4naturesketches3naturesketches2naturesketches1