DIY Idea

Printing has become a kind of obsession lately so I thought why not use this creative energy and make some nice DIY Christmas presents using my printing plates?

I got this nice sketchbook made out of handmade paper and printed on the front and back of the book. The first print was done with blue, the second with white linocut colour.

The structure of the handmade paper creates these unexpected forms…

The book is going to be a present for an art teacher.

New Sketchbook!

I got this lovely little sketchbook for my birthday from my boyfriend. I love the colour and the high quality it has. I already have a blue one which I am using as a sketchbook for my collages at the moment. I also got this nice pencil case from a friend and a birthday card where you can “set” the years. This is nice because if you don’t like your age you can always turn it back a few years…