Nepali Sketches

Whenever I travel somewhere, I take a small sketchbook with me. These sketches where done while travelling through Nepal, some of them on typical Nepali handmade paper.

Sometimes all it needs is a quick sketch of a remarkable scene, which you can later turn into a larger painting.


Coloured Drawings of Nature

Here are some quick drawings for which I used some of my favourite travel pictures as inspiration.

Doing a sketch of a beautiful place sometimes feels like visiting the place again…




Small Pencil Drawings

It’s been quite a while since I last found the time to do some creative work because I’ve been teaching a lot of courses recently.

Nevertheless, here are some small drawings of little everyday objects and plants.

I made them using graphite and colour pencils.

I like to use a kneaded eraser to remove parts of the drawing before going over the part with colour pencils again.

Dreaming of an Endless Summer

Summer’s nearly over but I don’t want it to be! These small pencil sketches were made with summer still in my mind…


I did these small pencil drawings because I’m looking forward to our Interrail trip this summer-Florence is definitely one of the places we are going to visit…landscape1 landscape2 landscape3