Easy Printing

Printing is just fun, whatever material you print on…

At the moment I enjoy printing on fabric. So I got these nice pillow cases, cut out easy stencils and printed some floral motifs with green, blue und white textile paint.

It’s a simple idea but looks really pretty on your sofa!

Things I Like Today

It seems that blogging has gone viral in my family…

My partner has just started his own blog. He wants to write about our travel experiences and share some beautiful travel impressions.

The name of his blog ‘Sehepunkte’ refers to the idea that every person has their own unique point of view and observes the world in a different way.

Have a look here: https://cortees.wordpress.com/

Cutting and Printing…

I’m doing quite a lot of printmaking at the moment for an upcoming exhibition in September.

So here is what I’ve done so far – basically different versions of plants in a pot.

First I printed the plants and then I printed a kind of frame around them using the monotype technique.

All of them were done without a press.

Nature is always inspiring…

Today we walked up to a beautiful small mountain lake and took some pictures on our way…

I find being surrounded by nature always inspiring.

The lush vegetation, the sounds of a creek, the humming of insects, the beauty of unspoilt lakes and forests …


Plants and Leaves

In the middle of winter (although it doesn’t feel like that here in Austria at the moment) I wanted to remind myself of spring so I did these linocut prints on small postcards. The colour didn’t always print perfectly because I printed them without a press but I somehow like the transparency when the white of the paper shines through.