Autumnal Impressions

On the mountains the changes of autumn can already be seen…




Winter is Coming to an End

There is still quite a lot of snow here in the Austrian mountains, but it’s slowly melting away…

Drawings of a Mystic Landscape

I tried to catch the mystic of the mountainous Salzkammergut region by using only black artist brushpens and a bit of ink…



Mountains in Summer

Crossing the so called “Hohe Tauern”, a high mountain range here in Austria, I took these pictures. It’s amazing how quickly the weather changes in the mountains.

Snow, Lake and Mountains

It’s early May but some mountain tops are still covered with a small layer of snow…but as soon as you walk down to the valley the warm spring sunshine is awaiting you!


Mountains in Spring

On this warm spring day I went on the first hiking tour of the season.

The region we went to is of immense natural beauty with its deep blue lakes and  snow-capped mountains.

It also has a tradition of salt-mining from which it derived its name “Salzkammergut”.

Winter in March

It has been snowing again, at least a bit, so I packed my things and did another skiing tour.

On my way up I literally stopped every second to take some pictures of the beautiful scenery…

Last Warm Days Before Winter

It’s December but it still feels like the end of October when you look at these pictures. There is not much snow yet but a bit of dew and some last warm rays of the sun…