Mystical Late Autumn Landscape

I haven’t been blogging for ages. The reason is that I took on a new job. Besides teaching languages, I’m also teaching art at a secondary school, which means a lot of fun and creative ideas but also some challenge since I’m quite new to teaching this subject.

Before I went to school yesterday I took these pictures of the nearby `Hallstättersee´, a place well known for its famous town Hallstatt and surrounding high mountains.

At this time of the year it’s not very busy there but the place still conveys its mystical, wild beauty.

Wild Beauty of Nature

While I was walking around my favourite lake “Eibensee” near my home town today I took some pictures of the blooming nature.

These flowers might not be as colourful and lush like  tulips or roses, but they have their own wild beauty.

If you wonder about the bottle cap, this seems to be a remnant of someone’s picnic at the lake including typical Austrian beer…:-)


Best Nature Shots

I selected some of my nature shots to apply some changes in photoshop here and there.
What I like is to play around with slight changes in colour, light or background.

I also like to combine two pictures which are somehow related, like the picture of the lake and the foliage.

Looking Back in Joy – Best Photo of 2015

Recently I’ve had a look at all the pictures I took last year and was quite surprised about the large number …

So I have chosen one picture which I especially like – Last year I got a macro lens for my camera and I did a series of macro shots to try it out.

On my way around a lake here in Austria I noticed this little robin between the reeds.
It had been resting there for a few seconds before it flew away again so I was really lucky to get a picture of it.

I might even print it as a magnet or metal print like they offer at social print studio.
Since I’m collecting magnets of all the places we have traveled to so far, why not add a few of my own pictures on magnets?

What do you think about the picture?