Mountains in Spring

On this warm spring day I went on the first hiking tour of the season.

The region we went to is of immense natural beauty with its deep blue lakes and  snow-capped mountains.

It also has a tradition of salt-mining from which it derived its name “Salzkammergut”.

Small is Beautiful

Having bought a macro lens for my camera, I wanted to try it out as soon as possible.

This winter holiday we’re not going anywhere so we have just been walking around taking pictures of the beautiful nature surrounding as here in Austria.

Nature’s beauty can be seen in every little detail…


Sunshine in November

It’s nearly December now but the weather resembles more the sunny days of September!

Going on a hiking tour (probably the last one for the season) I took some pictures of the beautiful countryside.

The clear blue lake is called ‘Fuschlsee’ and is known for its drinking water quality!


Nature is always inspiring…

Today we walked up to a beautiful small mountain lake and took some pictures on our way…

I find being surrounded by nature always inspiring.

The lush vegetation, the sounds of a creek, the humming of insects, the beauty of unspoilt lakes and forests …