Ink Drawings with Artist Pens

These ink drawings were done with artist brush pens, using a set of landscape colours.

Landscape drawing can be tricky. How much detail do you need to draw to create an accurate picture of the place?

These small drawings show the idyllic Austrian “Salzkammergut” region.

Ink Drawings

These drawings were done quickly with black drawing ink in a small sketchbook.
Often the sketches done without much effort are sometimes the ones which are most interesting…



Small Pastel Sketches

I did these small sketches with soft pastel drawing pencils using my macro photographs as a source of inspiration.

I guess they will also look nice as a series of small-scale prints…


Small Sketches

Today I found a small sketchbook with some quite nice drawings I did some time ago. I did them really quickly but often you get better results if you don’t think too much about what you’re doing.