We print on fabric! Stoffdruckworkshop

Wer hat Lust auf Stoff zu drucken und wunderschöne selbst bedruckte Textilien mit nach Hause zu nehmen? Wir drucken bei Gudrun Stickler in Kuchl.
Hier die Homepage und Adresse von Gudrun: http://www.werkstattstickler.at

Workshop Stoffdruck Freitag 25.5.2018 von 17-20h
incl. Farbe und Druckwerkzeuge € 35,-
bedruckbare Stoffe können vor Ort gekauft oder mitgebracht werden.

Workshop Strandmatten nähen Samstag 26.5.2018 von 10-13h
incl. Zubehör (Zipp und Klettverschluss) € 35,-
Stoffe können vor Ort gekauft oder mitgebracht werden.
180×70 cm Baumwolle oder Leinen,
220×60 cm wasserabweisender Stoff oder Plane für die Unterseite und Innentasche,
180×60 cm Polyestervlies für die Fülle.

Wer Lust hat, einfach eine Mail schreiben und vorbeikommen:



Work in Progress

A friend of mine is a textile designer and I love to print.

So it was just a matter of time to start printing on fabric. This is going to be our first collaborative piece of work, a beach mat.

We will also take part in this craft fair in April which I´m really looking forward to.


Prints on Postcards

I printed some of my woodcuts on small postcards.

I want to set up an online shop at Dawanda, which is a German online platform for DIY products, where I am planning to sell some of my smaller prints as well as these cards.

But it still needs a whole lot of preparation to set up the shop…

Just a Quick Note…

I used some leftovers from an old linoleum plate to cut out this pencil motif.

Then I printed the pencil in different colours and used them to redecorate my blog (look at the sidebar).

Of course you could also print some nice sticky notes with it…

Christmas Crafts

I’ve been working on some nice Christmas cards and packaging recently.

I got very simple brown packages and tags and printed on them. I also used pages of old books which I painted over with gold and silver linocut colour. Finally I decorated some of the tags with Christmas washi tape.

They look pretty nice, don’t they?

DIY Easter Decoration

Well, Easter’s coming up and since I’ve got some fabric tape left I used it to decorate Easter eggs (which is something I really enjoyed doing as a child).
Here’s the DIY idea:
First paint the eggs with white acrylic colour.
Then cut out some small pieces of fabric tape and stick them on.
To finish off add some nice ribbons.