Small Sketches

I love drawing, painting and collages so I did these small sketches recently using some pages of old books and other collage material.

Even if you can’t always see the original material any longer, I feel that the sketches have a different quality than paintings on simple white paper.


I did these small pencil drawings because I’m looking forward to our Interrail trip this summer-Florence is definitely one of the places we are going to visit…landscape1 landscape2 landscape3

Small Watercolour Sketches

Here are some new watercolour and acrylic sketches I’ve done recently. They were done pretty quickly but I like them somehow…

smallwatercoloursketch3 smallwatercoloursketch4 smallwatercoloursketch5 smallwatercoloursketch6 smallwatercoloursketch7 watercoloursketch1


A few days ago I felt like making some small illustrations which could be used for a children’s book.
I found it quite difficult in the beginning because I haven’t made any fine drawings for a while. Nevertheless, here are the results: