Maritime Drawings and Prints

I want to take part in this year’s Hahnemühle drawing competition, whose topic is “Maritime”.

I’ve done some prints and drawings so far but I guess I will do some more for my competition entry…


Sketches of Maritime Life

Although it won’t be Greece for holiday this summer I’m looking forward to warmer days and therefore did these coloured sketches of ocean life…

Pastel Pictures

I rediscovered pastel drawing pencils and did these small pictures with them.

They should also serve as inspiration sketches for a series of woodcuts I want to do.

Let’s see how that’s going to work out…


Small Pastel Sketches

I did these small sketches with soft pastel drawing pencils using my macro photographs as a source of inspiration.

I guess they will also look nice as a series of small-scale prints…


Coloured Drawings of Nature

Here are some quick drawings for which I used some of my favourite travel pictures as inspiration.

Doing a sketch of a beautiful place sometimes feels like visiting the place again…




Sketches of Nature

I haven’t had much time for art recently but I did have some time to do these small sketches of the plants and objects on my terrace.

They were done quickly and without taking much effort but I like them somehow…

Small Pencil Drawings

It’s been quite a while since I last found the time to do some creative work because I’ve been teaching a lot of courses recently.

Nevertheless, here are some small drawings of little everyday objects and plants.

I made them using graphite and colour pencils.

I like to use a kneaded eraser to remove parts of the drawing before going over the part with colour pencils again.