Drawings of Prague

I made some drawings of the sights we saw in Prague.

First I made a quick pencil sketch from the picture. Then I drew over it with a black fineliner and coloured some of the details with watercolours.

I am thinking about turning these sketches into linocut prints…

New Sketches

Some new sketches I did with acrylics and watercolours. My sketchbook’s getting thicker and thicker…

Quick Nature Sketches

These sketches were inspired by a natural landscape but they are close to abstraction, which I like somehow.naturesketches4naturesketches3naturesketches2naturesketches1

Small Watercolour Sketches

Here are some new watercolour and acrylic sketches I’ve done recently. They were done pretty quickly but I like them somehow…

smallwatercoloursketch3 smallwatercoloursketch4 smallwatercoloursketch5 smallwatercoloursketch6 smallwatercoloursketch7 watercoloursketch1