The Inspiring Process of Collaging

For the last three days I took part in a collage workshop.

We were asked to do collages about our future hopes and dreams, using a variety of materials such as pieces of old magazines, handmade paper, chalks, charcoal, acrylics or ink.

I found the process of creating the collages extremely inspiring and also much fun.



Small Sketches on Postcards

Today I made these small sketches of everyday objects on collaged paper in postcard format. When I have time, I want to make a whole series of such small still lives…

New Painting

Currently I’m working on a new acrylic painting. It should be ready for Christmas since it’s going to be a present for my sister’s new apartment.

She loves bright colours…

New Sketches

Some new sketches I did with acrylics and watercolours. My sketchbook’s getting thicker and thicker…

DIY Easter Decoration

Well, Easter’s coming up and since I’ve got some fabric tape left I used it to decorate Easter eggs (which is something I really enjoyed doing as a child).
Here’s the DIY idea:
First paint the eggs with white acrylic colour.
Then cut out some small pieces of fabric tape and stick them on.
To finish off add some nice ribbons.

Things I Like Today…

… are these small sketches of everyday objects.

Still working on still lifes…

Here are some of my latest sketchbook entries. These are just some ideas for oil paintings I’m going to do later.

Sketches of Nature

I did these small sketches of different plants and flowers and their pods and seeds. I think nature is such a wonderful source of inspiration for art.