Drawing the Summer

Whenever I travel, I take some drawing material with me. These drawings were inspired by the picturesque Greek island Chios which we travelled to last year…

I’m looking forward to sketching while travelling through Nepal this summer!

Maritime Drawings and Prints

I want to take part in this year’s Hahnemühle drawing competition, whose topic is “Maritime”.

I’ve done some prints and drawings so far but I guess I will do some more for my competition entry…


Small City Drawings

Limerick, Cambridge and Prague – three beautiful cities I’ve been to.

I turned some of my favourite pictures of these cities into small ink and watercolour drawings on postcards.

Things I Like Today…

… are these small sketches of everyday objects.

Things I Like Today…

I’m teaching English to primary school children and decided to award them with a kind of self-made `certificate´at the end of the term. This is a drawing I made for it:


Paper Garlands

I was thinking about a nice idea for this week’s theme of the artsy ants, which is paper. How can you draw paper in an interesting way? Then I came across a picture of these beautiful paper lamps and did this small sketch:Paperlamps