The Inspiring Process of Collaging

For the last three days I took part in a collage workshop.

We were asked to do collages about our future hopes and dreams, using a variety of materials such as pieces of old magazines, handmade paper, chalks, charcoal, acrylics or ink.

I found the process of creating the collages extremely inspiring and also much fun.



Things I Like Today…

… are these small sketches of everyday objects.

Oil Paintings

I’ve always wanted to try oil painting and now I just got a bunch of colours and gave it a try.

To make the abstract paintings more interesting I added some pieces of scrap paper with gel medium and a bit of texture using very fine sand.

Oil painting is a very difficult medium but the colours are so bright and beautiful…

Sunflowers and Roses

I did some drawings about flowers recently. Here are two pages which were inspired by William Blake poems, one about sunflowers and one about roses. By the way, have a look at my sketchbook where I added some new pages.