We print on fabric! Stoffdruckworkshop

Wer hat Lust auf Stoff zu drucken und wunderschöne selbst bedruckte Textilien mit nach Hause zu nehmen? Wir drucken bei Gudrun Stickler in Kuchl.
Hier die Homepage und Adresse von Gudrun: http://www.werkstattstickler.at

Workshop Stoffdruck Freitag 25.5.2018 von 17-20h
incl. Farbe und Druckwerkzeuge € 35,-
bedruckbare Stoffe können vor Ort gekauft oder mitgebracht werden.

Workshop Strandmatten nähen Samstag 26.5.2018 von 10-13h
incl. Zubehör (Zipp und Klettverschluss) € 35,-
Stoffe können vor Ort gekauft oder mitgebracht werden.
180×70 cm Baumwolle oder Leinen,
220×60 cm wasserabweisender Stoff oder Plane für die Unterseite und Innentasche,
180×60 cm Polyestervlies für die Fülle.

Wer Lust hat, einfach eine Mail schreiben und vorbeikommen:



Baroque Beauty in Bloom

We’ve got a beautiful baroque castle here in Salzburg, called Hellbrunn.

In former times the emperors used it for refreshment in summer. Today you can still visit their pleasant gardens and ponds.

Awakening Nature

Strolling through a forest in spring is always inspiring, especially when you look at nature with a macro lens. These are some of my experiments…

Bookprinting and Bookbinding

Bookbinding is a beautiful process. I did these small notebooks and albums using my handprinted paper.

What I like about them is that every single piece is unique in its print and colour combination.

Winter is Coming to an End

There is still quite a lot of snow here in the Austrian mountains, but it’s slowly melting away…

Work in Progress

A friend of mine is a textile designer and I love to print.

So it was just a matter of time to start printing on fabric. This is going to be our first collaborative piece of work, a beach mat.

We will also take part in this craft fair in April which I´m really looking forward to.


Drawings of a Mystic Landscape

I tried to catch the mystic of the mountainous Salzkammergut region by using only black artist brushpens and a bit of ink…



Country of the Master Painters


Most Europeans travel to Amsterdam once or twice when they are young for obvious reasons.
I have never been to the capital of the Netherlands before, which I kind of regret.

The city is really  charming and a paradise for lovers of fine art.

Besides whole museums devoted to master painters like Rembrandt and Van Gogh, you will find a beautiful idyllic landscape with windmills and green pastures, which makes it easy to imagine how this country has been a source of inspiration for the most skillful artists ever.