Printing in Progress…

It’s quite I while since I started making woodcuts, but I think I’m slowly getting a feel for the material and the process.

Woodcuts leave a different impression than linocuts. I think this is due to the bulkiness of the material and the the fine wooden lines which are often left on the plate when cutting.

I also like to combine two plates to be able to play with different colours…


5 thoughts on “Printing in Progress…

      1. you’re welcome…. I love printmaking! and yours are always a treat to see 🙂 when I do prints, I resort to hand print methods and NOT good like yours ! but it is so fun.

      2. You’re right. Printmaking is so much fun. What I especially like about it is that you can never exactly say how a certain print is going to turn out.
        Every single print is a surprise!

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