Home Sweet Home

Sometimes you find it hard to see the beauty of something when you are surrounded by it day by day.

Isn’t that especially true for the place where you live?

Thousands of tourists come to Salzburg every year and become enchanted by the picturesque charm of this small but lively Austrian town.

I’ve recently rediscovered these pictures which I took last summer:

2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Lovely photographs. I have never been to Salzburg – or Austria at all for that matter – but would love to visit some time.

    I think you are right about people not noticing the beauty of the place they see every day. I found that to be true when I lived in Argyll. I will say that my husband and I never stopped appreciating how breathtaking the landscape was, how arresting the scenes and the nature and history we were surrounded by, but we did note how we were the odd ones out in being so enthused about our surroundings compared to the proper locals. I remember excitedly pointing out a pod of dolphins in the loch to some nearby strangers and they just shrugged it off.

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