Magical Country and Literary City

Using our Easter holidays for a short city trip, we went to Edinburg for a few days.

Having grown up in a medieval town myself, I still wonder how these historical places resemble each other.

You will find narrow alleys and stairways, beautiful cathedrals, combining Romanesque and Gothic architecture, as well as a castle on a hill serving as the landmark of the city.

As a booklover I was especially impressed how literature and writers have influenced the city – there are not too many cities where you find a museum dedicated to the country’s most famous writers as well as a station named after a novel…

Unfortunately we only had one day to visit the countryside, the untamed nature around the beautiful Loch Lomond and the Trossachs, but I am quite sure that this was not our last visit to this beautiful country…





Printing in Progress…

It’s quite I while since I started making woodcuts, but I think I’m slowly getting a feel for the material and the process.

Woodcuts leave a different impression than linocuts. I think this is due to the bulkiness of the material and the the fine wooden lines which are often left on the plate when cutting.

I also like to combine two plates to be able to play with different colours…


Home Sweet Home

Sometimes you find it hard to see the beauty of something when you are surrounded by it day by day.

Isn’t that especially true for the place where you live?

Thousands of tourists come to Salzburg every year and become enchanted by the picturesque charm of this small but lively Austrian town.

I’ve recently rediscovered these pictures which I took last summer:

Looking Back in Joy – Best Photo of 2015

Recently I’ve had a look at all the pictures I took last year and was quite surprised about the large number …

So I have chosen one picture which I especially like – Last year I got a macro lens for my camera and I did a series of macro shots to try it out.

On my way around a lake here in Austria I noticed this little robin between the reeds.
It had been resting there for a few seconds before it flew away again so I was really lucky to get a picture of it.

I might even print it as a magnet or metal print like they offer at social print studio.
Since I’m collecting magnets of all the places we have traveled to so far, why not add a few of my own pictures on magnets?

What do you think about the picture?



Work in Progress

I started a new woodcut using a picture from one of our hikes as inspiration.

Cutting the branches of the tree was quite challenging but I like how it turned out in the end.

I’m going to make a another printing plate so I can print the landscape in two different colours.