Celebrating Europe!

Today European member states elect their representatives for the Euroepean Parliament, so why not celebrate our unity and prepare some European food? I decided to make scones because of the fine British tea traditions and Italian gnocchi because I simply love pasta in all variations.


Here are the two recipes:

Home-made gnocchi:
250 g potatoes
125 g flour
2 eggs
some salt and pepper

Boil the potatoes until they can be mashed easily with a fork. Mix the mashed potatoes with the flour, the eggs and season with some salt and pepper. Let the dough rest for a quarter of an hour in the fridge. Then form small round gnocchi before you drop them into salted boiling water. When they rise to the top of the bowl they’re ready. Serve them with pesto or just some butter and fresh basil or sage.

Buon appetito!

250 g flour
30 g butter
1 egg
150 ml milk
two teaspoons baking powder
50 g sugar
one teaspoon of salt

Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl. Then add flakes of butter, milk and the egg, putting a bit of the yolk aside for later.
Let the dough rest in the fridge for a quarter of an hour before you fill it into muffin forms. Spread some of the yolk on top of the scones. Bake in the oven at 250 degree for a quarter of an hour until they are golden brown.

Enjoy with clotted cream and strawberry jam!