Things I Like Today…

…are mangoes and apricots because you can make delicious jam out of them and they fit together perfectly because of their colour. Marmelade6 Marmelade1 Marmelade2 Marmelade7 Marmelade4 Marmelade5

What you need for three jars are:
1/2 kg of apricots
1 mango (very ripe)
350 g sugar
1 sachet gelling aid

Cut the apricots and the mango into very tiny pieces and heat them gently in a big pot. Add the gelling aid, two tablespoons of sugar and let the mixture simmer while stirring it all the time. Then add the rest of the sugar and let it cook for no more than three minutes. Quickly fill the jam into prepared jelly jars and turn them upside down for five minutes. Wait until the jars are cold before you store them.